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Miutec is an IT consulting and services company.


Miutec is an IT consulting and services company. Miutec provides services primarily in the areas of Microsoft Windows Server and PC support, Virtualization and Cloud services, Data network and Phone infrastructure, Storage and Backups, Business continuity and IT strategy. Miutec is a boutique IT solutions provider. Our solutions are geared towards small and medium businesses. We offer cutting edge solutions at affordable prices to cost sensitive businesses. Our engineers spend time with business owners to fully understand their needs, vision and business culture. Spending time with a business is critical to designing an effective solution.

Company Profile

Founded in 2012 by Franklin David, Miutec in its short history has many happy and satisfied clients. After working in the financial industry for many years Franklin started his own IT consulting business to provide IT services to small and medium business clients. As an engineer Franklin brings knowledge and global experience in planning and designing IT infrastructures. Using industry connections Miutec can assemble teams of professionals to handle projects of any size.

Mission Statement

Miutec was founded on a simple principle, business owners should not be distracted by technology. It is our mission to make technology a tool that helps businesses become more successful. We at Miutec believe empowering a client with knowledge helps demystify the intricacies of today’s technology


Businesses depend on technology and the underlying data to be successful.


Miutec can also act as a liaison with various vendors and negotiate better terms and conditions.

CIO Services

For businesses which cannot afford permanent senior IT personnel Miutec provides advisory services to clients on short term and long term IT Strategy, cost reduction...


Virtualization services

For organizations that require mobility, scalability and redundancy virtualization of the backend servers and the desktop infrastructure is highly recommended.


Database and Website Implementations

Miutec has the resources to design database servers and database admins who can configure new databases or migrate data from old servers.


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